2018 International Conference on Algorithms, Computing and Artificial Intelligence!ACAI 2018

Advanced numerical algorithms
Applications of computation as a scientific paradigm
Applications of computational science
Complex systems: modeling and simulation
Computational complexity, economics, geometry
Computational geometry
Computational humanities
Computational mathematics
Computational methods, algorithms and scientific application
Computational sociology
Education in computational science
Hybrid computational methods
Medical and biomedical computational science
New algorithmic approaches to computational kernels and applications
Advanced computing architectures and new programming models
Parallel and distributed computing
Web and grid based simulation and computing
Artificial immune systems
Artificial Intelligence in modelling and simulation
Artificial Intelligence in scheduling and optimization
Artificial life
Brain-machine interfaces
Machine Learning
Cognitive systems and applications
Collective intelligence
Computer vision
Data mining 
Fuzzy control and intelligent systems
Fuzzy logic and fuzzy set theory
Fuzzy optimization and design
Fuzzy pattern recognition
Fuzzy systems for robotics
Intelligent database systems
Machine learning
Modeling and identification
Natural language processing
Neural Network Theory and Architectures
Robotics and related fields
Rough sets and rough data analysis
Supervised and Unsupervised Learning
Web intelligence
Human–computer interaction

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